Assure Software

The New Zealand software package for cemeteries and crematoria

Assure Software


Assure, the New Zealand Software Package for Cemeteries and Crematoria, provides facilities for managing operations that range in size from a single cemetery to those with multiple cemeteries and crematoria. The software provides a consistent, easy-to-use user interface throughout the package.

Assure can take initial bookings from funeral directors and can both print and email confirmation requests. Extensive information is provided for field staff via items such as burial orders, the burials diary and the cremations diary.

Assure answers enquiries thru its quick searches by name, date of death, date of burial/cremation or plot location, and has facilities to either print or email information in response to an inquiry.

Assure helps cemetery planning by maintains the current state of every plot, regardless of whether or not it is in use, and provides both details and summaries to keep management informed about each area of the cemetery.

Assure calculates all fees and charges for each burial, cremation, plot reservation, etc. Depending on the client’s requirements, invoice requests may be generated and exported for central invoicing or Assure may print the actual invoices.

Assure additionally:

  • Helps manage Book of Remembrance entries.
  • Keeps records of memorial plaques.
  • Helps manage headstone permits.
  • Has many user-controlled options.
  • Keeps records for multiple cemeteries.
  • Prints many standard reports on demand, optionally in PDF format.
  • Allows users to design reports with their own report creator such as Crystal Reports.
  • Can produce schedules of payments due to medical referees.
  • Keeps records of owners of burial rights and prints burial rights certificates.
  • Exports burial and cremation data for web site, GIS and kiosks.

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  • Provides effective service to customers.
  • Assists the organisation meet its statutory obligations.
  • Accurate, secure and consistent data.
  • Consistent, easy-to-use user interface throughout the package.
  • Large number of pre-defined reports for both internal and external use.
  • Progressive bookings of bookings and cremations as information becomes available.
  • Available times and locations can be checked as a booking is entered.
  • Extensive methods for data searching.
  • Management of plot reservations including printing of Rights Certificates.
  • Tight management permits for headstones and memorials.
  • Export to the web.
  • Stores multiple images per headstone which can be exported to the web.
  • Simple to install and configure.
  • User-controlled security system controls access to features.