Apt Dismantlers’ Software

The Future of your Dismantling Business

Apt Dismantlers’ Software


Apt Dismantlers’ Software provides facilities for managing an automotive dismantling business, regardless of whether it is large or small and provides a consistent, easy-to-use user interface throughout the package.

The package has extensive facilities for handling the specialised requirements of dismantling invoicing, including flexible handling of credits, provision for Parts Trader success fees, supply of own or bought-in parts, multiple delivery addresses, picking slips, emailing invoices, freight ticket tracking, amongst many other features.

Building on the invoicing is a comprehensive debtor module which supports a range of features, including unlimited contacts and phone numbers, extensive transaction and invoice history, details of payments made and which invoices they applied to, mass emailing of statements at end of month, and numerous reports.

For clients who are Capricorn Society suppliers, the system provides simple methods for exporting invoices to Capricorn and for reconciling and posting the monthly payment.

The system supports an extremely flexible approach to dismantling stock, which allows a client to run the system with no stock control at all, to just loading wrecks, to full stock control. Options are provided to handle wreck strip lists, bar-coding of stock, mass re-pricing of parts, aging of stock, stock taking, and reporting.

The sales module provides flexible reporting by many stock and debtor analysis categories, with the ability to report over any date range that data is held for.

Supplied as part of the package, and regularly updated, is a database of over 2000 part codes and almost 4000 vehicles which can be tailored to match a client’s requirements.

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  • Provides effective service to customers.
  • Accurate, secure and consistent data.
  • Consistent, easy-to-use user interface throughout the package.
  • Powerful methods for data searching.
  • Powerful and flexible invoicing features.
  • Comprehensive debtor management.
  • Support for Capricorn Society suppliers.
  • Extensive, but flexible, stock control.
  • Database of part and vehicle codes included.
  • Large number of pre-defined reports.
  • Simple to install and configure.
  • User-controlled security system controls access to features.